ezifacebookcoverV2opti1 Day Workshop - What’s your ‘Lofty Dream’ and-do you have a PLAN to make it all happen?

Finally, A Step By Step Approach That Will Deliver Your ‘One Page Purpose Plan’.   

Without The Gush (well just a little!)-So You Can Most Importantly Start to Be The Dream, For Which You Were Destined For! 

‘BE THE DREAM’ workshop is for you if you want to:

#Make 2019 The Year – You Go from Underwhelm to ‘Zest’ for Life 

#Get clear on your New Found PURPOSE.

#Create a Purpose/Dream Plan with Action Steps

One day can change everything!!

First of all, we all know that without focus, your energy will be dissipated.

Get clear on your PURPOSE. Create a PURPOSE PLAN so you can make YOUR DREAMS happen!  

Join Eileen Conway, The Strategy Boss Stylist at this half day workshop.

ONLY $97 (includes gst)



Success Stories using the EZI-­STRATPLAN System (kit, workshop and coaching)

Pinnacle Quality – Quality Improvement Company

FSC Award presentationIt all started with Eileen’s Ingenious Strategic Planning tool. Over 3 years, I have grown my business year on year and I have several solid lines of business and employ 10 contract auditors. With Eileen’s strategic advice, we now have a clear direction for the future.

I particularly appreciated her help with re-­branding and positioning. Her candid advice made me challenge my ideas and prevented me from going in the wrong direction.

Small, medium and large businesses could benefit from Eileen’s approach and guidance. I have no hesitation in recommending Eileen to work with you on your business strategy.

Kevin, O’Grady, Pinnacle Quality
Pinnacle Quality

Mansfield Arm Chair Cinema – Community Cinema

Before the workshop, we felt the business was flat, with no clear direction and membership numbers that were plateauing. After going through the process, our team was rejuvenated, with a clear vision, direction and a plan. Now, 12 months later, our membership numbers have increased by 100% and we have launched our amazing new brand identity. We feel recharged and excited about the future. Thanks, Eileen, the EZI-STRATPLAN process propelled us forward towards the ‘vision’ that we have for this unique community cinema. Now we are aiming to more than quadruple our membership numbers!
James Wilson, Mansfield Armchair Cinemas

Snake Smart – Wild Life Demonstrator

Eileen provided guidance, support and encouragement to take that ‘next step’ for my business idea‐with renewed confidence that I had a unique service to offer. Working through the EZI‐STRATPLAN process has helped me achieve short-­term goals with a huge increase in business, resulting in a 40% increase in income. The EZI-STRATPLAN process will now be used to flesh out long term strategies to drive my business forward, while achieving the lifestyle I desire.
Dave Wilkinson, Wildlife Demonstrator/Snake Catcher

Evergreen profit – On Line Development Business

“The EZI-STRATPLAN system helped me to take a birds-eye view of my business and gave me a clear vision for future growth with strong long term strategies to support my ‘Dream’ business. Now 12 months later, my client numbers have increased by 100%!
Eileen is great to work with and gave me some fantastic ideas.
Justin Meadows, Owner Evergreen Profit

High Country Wine Cellars – Regional Wine Cellar

Eileen. Thank you for all your advice, support and help with a PLAN for my business. Now, 8 months into the business my sales are growing with a clear vision for the future, and my business is tracking in the right direction. The EZI-STRATPLAN process provided a visual focus to guide my actions.
David Mims, High Country Wine Cellars

Harry Clare Friday Foundation – Not For Profit Group

When I first met Eileen we had no strategic plan and low brand awareness. Nine months later we had our strategic plan, logo, branding and website.

I highly recommend Eileen for any community group that is looking at developing their strategy. She has a unique innovative way of approaching strategic planning, which engages.

Chris Friday, Founder, Harry Clare Friday Foundation

Dear Eileen

Congratulations and thank you for making time in your hectic schedule to present at our Albury/Wodonga Business Networking Power tea (4 June 2014).

Marina Bertolino our Albury/Wodonga Coordinator, has relayed to me from both a networking and presentation point of view that the event was a great success and your talk was thoroughly enjoyed by all those in attendance.
All of the attendees appreciated the effort you made and the enthusiastic
contribution you displayed in your presentation. Your willingness to impart knowledge and business expertise with those in the room was indeed generous. Once again thank you for your participation in the success of this event and I look forward to your further involvement in our forthcoming functions and business activities.

Warmest regards
Lynette L Palamen AM
Founder and Managing Director
Working Women’s Network.

Thank you for your presentation and your support of our conference. It was greatly appreciated by everyone. Karen & Trish CRBW 2014.


Feedback from Workshop Participants

“It has really helped us focus on a vision and mission which will now drive our marketing & brand image”
James Wilson, Mansfield Arm Chair Cinema

“I liked the way you collated the strategic plan, which you gave us at the end. Overall, I thought it was very good. I really enjoyed the worksheets – they worked really well”.
Catriona Wilson, Mansfield Arm Chair Cinema

“Excellent presentation of tool kit. Webinars were a good way to encourage people to prepare. I enjoyed the U tube clips, to set the mood and get people thinking. Thanks”.
Narelle Rademaker, All Terrain Cycles

“Good balance of presentation and work time enjoyed creating tangible items to take away (vision board, tool kit worksheets)”.
Shannon Rademaker, All Terrain Cycles

“Overall the program was excellent… The identified tangible outcomes are excellent”.
Grant Scale, Regional Planning Services

“Enjoyed the classroom time and interaction…”
Matt Leggett, Mansfield Holiday Park

Ready to say YES to Charting a New map for Your Life.

ONLY $ 97 (inc GST)

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Or contact me directly for 1-on-1 coaching

  • MINDSET: Understand how mindset impacts your future!
  • DREAM: Find clarity on your life’s purpose
  • VISION: Map out your dream vision
  • PURPOSE: From here, eveything flows.


Who should attend?

entrepreneurs who want to get clear on their purpose

So, who is this Eileen Teresa Conway-what’s her story?Why should you put your trust in me to teach you about making your dreams happen?

So here’s a little bit about my story as magical powers – we all have stories don’t we? 

I have a strong mindset – I make things happen.

For 2 years, I lived in Africa in a bush village, with no running water or electricity. I had to be very creative to make things happen. The school had no science teacher for 2 years prior to my arrival, and despite trillions of beakers, they had no microscopes, or bunsen burners or chemicals. So I networked my contacts back in the UK and made things happen, and voila, we had a fully functioning lab, for the students to do their practicals. So, I learned from a young age, that you just got to put it out there and make things happen….

I think outside the box – I create solutions.

When my daughter’s dream was to go to a performing arts school, far away from where we lived …I thought mm, how are we going to do this.So I got creative and we house sat for a few years to make that dream a reality. 

I won an award for my visual planning product-I turn ideas into products.

When my computer crashed, and I lost all of my data. A headache, that it was. I had two choices, curl up and complain, or use this opportunity, whilst the techs were sorting it out to develop my own visual planning tool kit that I had been working on for a couple of years. So, over 6 weeks, I developed ezi-stratplan, which won an award! and most importantly has helped many biz folk develop a strategy for their business and see positive results.

Corporate to the Trenches 

It’s one thing to be employed by someone else and quite another things to run your own biz. I have learned in the trenches and seen both sides-positive and negative

Yes, I also love personal development and have degrees in Biochemistry, Immunology, Sales, Marketing, Teaching, Coaching, Management and Training…. in my life, they have all had a part to play towards where I am today…. I see them all as an investment in me.

Let’s get clear. Yes-they are the good parts of my journey. I also have the not so rosy parts.

There was that time-when, I chopped and changed my mind that many times that I ended up just listening to my teachers and others and not my intuition. So, I ended up doing a degree in a subject that I just went through the motions with! Today, I see all to often, the same scenario of parents and good thinking relatives and friends, suggesting this or that course-when deep down, one hasn’t figured out what their dream is…     

There was that time-when I left my corporate job, earning a small fortune, with all the trappings, for a tree change working for peanuts, running a newspaper. Every bone in my body screamed this is the journey, even though my head was going ‘Eileen, what are you doing’? I knew I was chasing a dream-not sure what! On the flip side, that experience introduced me to the world of standing on my own two feet, making my own mistakes and learnings and introduced me to a whole new network of SME’s for which I developed a passion and have been involved with now for 15 years.

Yes and the time, when I gave away soo much free advice, that I found it hard to charge for my services. I did not have the confidence in my abilities-yet the results spoke for themselves. It was a great training ground though for my stint over a few years mentoring 1,000s of small businesses in a van that travelled around Victoria. Those early experiences gave me great insight into the heartaches that small business and entrepreneurs go through. They also taught me, the common road blocks that come up time and time again! 

Oh and yes, the time when a client thanked me for my wonderful strategic work and did not pay! I learnt a few things from that dream experience. One lesson – get 50% payment up front!

The time also when I payed for a training course and it did not deliver. My focus was to work out what my dream was, and what was the strategy. This group did not deliver. It took me 2 years but I got my $$ back… .

So, I have learnt a thing or two of the road blocks that life can fling your way, that can stop you in their tracks. The thing is positive or negative, the brain only recognises what you put into it. So, if you think negative, all it will see is negative (It’s called the RAS). If you think positive that’s what it will pick up…So, I’ve trained myself to think as positive as possible. Yes, sometimes it’s hard and those naysayers will try their best to put you down for your dream, mad or daft ideas…. that’s just what is going on in their life… as my lovely aunt Nellie used to say… ahh would you pity them (with an Irish accent).  

Now, I focus on what I want. I get creative to make things happen, when others say it’s not possible. In fact, I am fuelled by the negaholics and believe me I have had many up close and personal! Sprouting – that’s not possible! What negative energy. Stay well clear! So many times, I have picked myself up and dusted myself off. I have learnt along this journey, that’s there actually is a process that you can go through to reduce the time of flip flopping around, figuring out what is your dream and how your can make it a reality. I reduce the time frame, so you end up with your own 1 Page Purpose Plan. 

Entrepreneur | Business Coach and Author

  • Award Winner, Regional Hero, for work with Small Business
  • Developer of the EZI‐STRATPLAN Strategy System
  • I’m a qualified trainer, teacher, manager and marketer
  • I have worked with multi-­million dollar companies, commanding million dollar budgets. So, I understand a thing or two about the importance of purpose and the complexities of moving an idea, concept or business forward!
  • I am a Small Business Coach, and have worked with over a 1,000 business owners to help them get clear on their purpose so they can move to the next level.
  • I have worked for 7 years as a business consultant, across Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Corporate Identity, and Marketing Campaigns etc. So, there are not many tasks that I have not turned my hand to!

I do truly want you to succeed! Start NOW get clear on your PURPOSE and the rest will flow…

I can’t wait to work with you.


I help business owners get clear on their PURPOSE

Eileen Conway | Strategy BOSS Stylist|

If by morning tea, you don’t have a clear PURPOSE that gets you excited about your future – then I will give you your money back! guarantee

Dream Workshop-Half Day

A Step By Step Approach That Will Deliver Your ‘One Page PURPOSE Plan’.   

Without The Gush (well just a little!)-So You Can Start to Be The Dream, For Which You Were Destined For! 

Maybe you have been so used to doing the same old same old in that Job, Career or Business that you just don’t know anymore what else you could do-and to be frank, your just a tad unsure what steps to even take to get you looking at other possibilities….

Maybe you feel it is all just too hard and its easier to settle with what you have been doing for yonks…   

Maybe you feel, you just don’t have the energy even though some times you catch yourself day-dreaming about what if’s.

Maybe you have a hobby, that you’d just love to turn into an on-line course. You just don’t know where to start and you have lost your confidence. You would love to make passive income, but your scared of those never ever ending bills that’s just keep coming, so you keep putting it off!. Meanwhile your losing your soul……

Bottom Line. No Matter Where You Are At Right Now. That Niggling Feeling Won’t Go Away! You Can be Comforted to Know That There is a Practical Process You Can Go Through. You will be in the Top 20% of Folk Who Know The Inside Secret!      

Truth be told, when you start to link to your PURPOSE, well you just get a spring in your step as you go on this journey, which is focused purely on you. 

You will feel a true sense of PURPOSE and not feel stuck in a rut, with your soul pinning     

Maybe, your blockage is because….

It’s Too Late 

You feel your past your prime. Yes you know this is not the message, you want to hear yourself saying-you feel stuck in a time warp.There is never a better time right now to reclaim a renewed zest for your life, to get in touch with your inner soul, to truly embrace and live the life you were destined for. Yes, our world is changing so fast and that’s the beauty as well as the downside.    

Living in a global economy, where on-line is booming and being tech savvy is a must-so embrace-you might even end up with an on-line biz!!!

Delving into Your Dreams Takes Time That You Don’t Have

You know you are not clear on your PURPOSE, you have to spend some time to change things in your life to make those dreams become more real, but your stretched already with what little time you have to yourself and you just can’t seem to see a way forward to invest in a program, which you know your want to do …

You shy away from focusing on yourself – your energy is so taken up with everyone else and you feel just a tad guilty just focusing on you!

You know what you have, will make a huge difference in peoples lives. It is something that they will feel better, or happier, or more confident… but you just can’t bring yourself to promote your own product. You’re great with promoting everyone else’s product or service though!!! Mm what does that tell you?

So Here’s The Deal.     

You can’t hide from yourself. Feeling confused about your PURPOSE, this burning desire, that keeps popping up and won’t go away is sending you a loud and clear message-to get clear on your PURPOSE and JUST START on your Dream (Biz,Project..)

You can start on your dream project. Maybe your PURPOSE is to create a business that empowers others. An on-line biz linked to that hobby that you love and dream about. You just crave to spread your influence and help others to take ownership.

Catching up with who you want, when you want and where you want – Oh my the flexibility – to work with your schedule and not the bosses schedule – to be in charge of your PURPOSE – how awesome does that feel !!!

Philanthropy-you can now give back-helping others. Leaving a legacy, that’s your PURPOSE. You are driven to help others….

Having a holiday – and $$ still pop into your bank account! You don’t need to be tied to one desk, so you feel you have so much freedom, for what matters. Your PURPOSE is to help others create the same freedom …

You are so over, the long hours, working for someone else. Why not work for yourself, to better your immediate family. If you choose to work long hours (and yes, that is the life of an entrepreneur), at least you know it’s by your choice and not someone else putting their demands upon you. 


Yes. You have been on soo many courses. You get embarrassed about how much money you have invested, and yet you feel no further forward. So, what’s going on?    

You are just not clear on what is your PURPOSE – You have sort of lost your way, coz, frankly for all of your life, you have had negative feedback, without realising!

It all boils down to mind set.   

You are thinking small. Not big. We were all put on this earth for a PURPOSE. You just don’t know what that is yet. Truth be told, I am the ‘Strategy Boss Stylist’. I have always had a knack for looking at the big picture, seeing the potential of people and helping time to connect to their PURPOSE even though they can’t see it themselves. I do walk the talk #bethedream, that’s me.

You just don’t gel with the company or instructor. Truth Bomb. There are a lot of schisters out there who will just take your money and a lot of it. I’ve been sprung myself, so I know what am talking about. I have paid a lot of money, and ended up going to court to get my hard earned $$ back. I just can’t stand when someone tries to fleece you and not deliver. So, rest assured. I will do my utmost to deliver and not charge an arm and a leg. If you are not happy, it’s not for you, no stress.You will get your $$ back.     

Or maybe you just have not had the cash to invest in a program.

So, I challenge you. Look back to your bank account. Look at what you spend on yourself just now. A new outfit, hair do, coffees, holiday… whatever. When I hear I have no money. I hear it all the time-it’s quite frankly BS. You do have money, it’s just what you choose to do with it. Immediate gratification over an investment in yourself. I know what I am talking about I have been there myself. You spent WHAT $1,000 on a personal development course! Mm-yes. That’s a whole other story (in my book….). It’s all about priorities, and what you want out of your life….