Space Tourism – a new niche market – Virgin Galactic gearing up to welcome passengersrs

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Space Tourism has come a long way since American billionaire Denis Tito paid $20 million for a 8 day holiday on the International Space Station in 2011.

Next year, Virgin Galactic will welcome its first paying passenegers on board flights to the very edge of space, with prices starting from $95,000. Already, there are 900 or so passengers who have signed up for this trip!  For the more adventurous types who don’t mind waiting a few extra years, and have deep pockets of cash, a trip to the moon will set you back $150 million…..

Enter spaceports, into the tourism market, were you can book over the phone or internet as you do any other form of high-end travel.

The worlds first commercial spaceport and base of Virgin Galactic is Spaceport America in New Mexico. There are another 8 spaceports in the US, and plans for others across the world. It seems that spaceports will be similar to the experience you have at airports; a terminal for passengers and form of ID. The first space ports will cater for non fliers as well (not everyone can afford $95,000 upwards). It is anticipated that 200,000 sightseers a year will visit the Virgin Galactic visitors centre, scheduled for opening at end of 2013.

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