Strategic Business Case Template-Explore your History Room

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Strategic Business Case Template-Explore Your History Room

EZI-STRATPLAN Business Case Template EZI-STRATPLAN – The perfect tool kit to explore your history room…..

Before you begin working on your business case template, you have to retrace your steps to see how you got to where you are . It’s really important to acknowledge how far you have come in your business. This worksheet in your business case template will help you to do just that, with a walk down memory lane.

For the History Room, bring out some old photographs, video clips, newspaper articles and any relevant memorabilia. If it helps, imagine doing this at home with thoughts of personal recollections and those odd bits and pieces which mean so much to you. It’s perhaps more difficult to do it for your business but once you get going you’ll soon start to think of special memories which have become part of your business story. Something from an event you attended, an order from your first client, a business card from someone you met, a letter you sent or recieved, etc. You may surprise yourself with what you remember and the things you’ll find. Then plug all these into the History Room page of your business case template. The Business Case Template from EZI-STRATPLAN contains all the components you need to review your history and THINK DIFFERENTLY for the future. Buy Now!


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