The Ezi-Strat Plan Social Media Experiment

Remember when a computer could only be seen in a traveling truck covered in the command, ‘DON’T TOUCH, JUST LOOK’? The online movement grows, yet for many businesses the world of social media remains elusive.

At Ezi-Strat Plan, we admit to struggling with an online presence. But now we are ready to tackle this human droid, moving beyond the realms of creator Eileen Conway’s hometown, Mansfield, and out into the wider community.

Eileen was honored as the Regional Hero at the 2012 Small Business Festival for the development of the Plan-in-a-box toolkit, a visual business tool that demonstrates how critical tasks, such as analysing business needs and developing tailored strategic plans, can be implemented creatively and effectively at an affordable cost.

Our product has worked for a diverse group of local, small, home-based and not- for-profit businesses:

“By seeing, hearing and thinking about your business in a different way – you will amaze yourself with the constructive ideas you come up with.”

– Jo Byron, Founding Manager of child safety program Safe-T-HandTM

Our new goal is to spread our wings to service a bigger crowd of entrepreneurs and SOHO (Small-Office/Home-Office) companies preparing for the next step in taking ownership of their business.

We are here to build and share our inspirations, resources, business tips, creative ideas, health advice and success stories that have helped us and will help you. Our wish is that our journey benefits you.

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