Team Ebola – Winston Churchill’s words. “Never give up, never give up, never give up”

Having worked in West Africa, experienced the SARS epidemic, collaborated with Infectious Disease medical experts and with a passion for Strategic Business Planning. The Global Ebola crisis hits a chord. My observations, insights and practice resonate that a Global team effort – identified by the WHO EXPERT BODY is a must. With an outbreak of this nature and magnitude, no organization could meaningfully work and make impact working on its own.

The WHO Strategic Plan (Action) recommends GLOBAL solidarity, deployment of experts and funds. Currently $576M has been donated to the Ebola effort – Australia has contributed $18M, with 30 Australian field resources via Red Cross and Medicine Sans Frontier.

The WHO Strategic Plan (Action) – based on WHO’s collective experience in response to SARS, Pandemic Influenza and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome with steps outlined for the Global team to follow.

With 60 days – time is of the essence. Leadership is required.

Australia as part of the Global Ebola Team – How is our leader tracking?

  1. A clear common goal – bring the Ebola epidemic under control, with expertise and funds. How are we tracking?
  2. Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate. None of us is as smart as all of us. Is our leader listening?.
  3. Don’t compromise – this is the easy way out. $18M versus half billion military effort. Is our effort compromised?
  4. Seek a shared view – Is our leader listening?
  5. Squash conflict viruses. Park rivalries and politics at the door. If you do not want to ORDER OR ASK Australians into a dangerous situation without a Strategic Plan to get them safely out. Then, some sales training is highly recommended to seal the deal to put a Plan in action with our allies.

Click on the link below to download the WHO Strategic Action Plan (June – December 2014)

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