Strategic Business Plan|Getting U back on Track

Lost the Plot? A Strategic Business Plan will get you back on track. I recently published an article in the Working Womens Magazine and shared 5 ezi steps to get U back on track.  Click on PDF link at the bottom of the page to read full article.

REMEMBER those early days of your business that were filled with passion, energy and excitement about the future. But what happens when your desire to conquer the business world is all but lost and your passion wanes? To make your Dreams come to
life and be sustainable you need a Strategic Business Plan.

Here, EILEEN CONWAY shares five easy steps that are sure to get you back on track. Incorporate them in your Strategic Business Plan.

  •           Step 1. Share your Dreams

    Give yourself permission to dream. Do you have a business dream and who have your shared your dream with? If you haven’t shared your dream you might need to ask yourself why – it’s a given fact that by the very act of sharing your dreams both focus and clarity will come.

               Step 2. Uncover Your Passion Story

    Every single one of us has a story to tell around our product or service. Reflect back down memory lane to what your stories were when you first established your business. Many entrepreneurs started their own business because of stories around a gap in the market.

              Step 3. Have a Plan

    To make your dreams come to life and be sustainable you need a PLAN. Do you have a marketing plan? Do you actively use your plan to guide you from A to B, or do you have no plan?

               Step 4. Check in and Celebrate

    Take the time to recognise how far you have come in your business journey. Reward and celebration is a ‘must’. Otherwise it’s just on to the next task. Include rewards in your Strategic Business Plan. 

                Step 5. Surround Yourself with Like Minded people

    To read the full article, click on the link to the PDF at the bottom of the page.

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