Recognize your history and gain a financial future

Having worked with various businesses along the way, I’ m excited at achieving great results ( /testimonials) with the implementation of the award- winning Ezi‐Strat Plan.

It’ s a visual business tool that takes people through the 7 rooms of their business, choosing what needs to be updated, repaired or thrown out, similar to a home renovation. These rooms cover the history, analytics, details, ultimate dream and changes needed for the eventual success of your business. By covering each aspect, you get further clarity and a path forward with a working strategy plan.

The History Room is pivotal! Take a walk down memory lane. The aim is CELEBRATION.

I often find people wonder, “why are we going backwards?” and focusing on the negatives. They often forget how much they have done and the positive outcomes thus far. Before planning for the future, retrace your steps and acknowledge how far you have come.


MAC-logo“Before the workshop, we felt flat, with no clear direction and membership numbers were plateauing.After, we felt rejuvenated, with a clear vision, direction and plan. Now, 12 months later, our membership numbers have increased by 100 % . We feel recharged and excited about the future. The Ezi – ­stratplan process propelled us forward towards our dream
for our cinema”.

James Wilson, Mansfield Arm Chair Cinema.


Strategic Business PlanClick here for more information on the Ezi-Strat Plan process. Our journey benefits all involved!

P.S. Our Blueprint and Dream Room Workshops are booking now. Join the Ezi – Strat success tribe!

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