How To Plan Before You Dive Into Strategic Planning– With These 5 Steps


I recently published an article in the Working Womens Magazine, I have created a summary of the article for you here as a blog post. To read the full article, click on the link to the PDF at the bottom of the page.

Engage your team in strategy in 5 ezi steps.

  1. Decide on your Team

    Putting together a team of diverse individuals, from different backgrounds, approaches, abilities, insights and nuances is both a momentous task and staggeringly rich source of inspiring ideas, as the whole team comes together with a shared purpose.

  2. Date – Give 4 to 6 weeks’ notice

    Everyone’s diaries get locked up quickly. Don’t make last minute changes.

  3. Invitation – to your Team.

    Include parking instructions (paid/pre-arranged) and map), RSVP for catering (dietary) out of the ordinary, even snazzy! The aim, this will be no ordinary meeting!

  4. Prior Reading Material

    Allocate and distribute prior. Follow your instincts; information in advance, or at session.

    Time off for prep work.

    The best ideas are often formed out of the office, over a coffee, during a walk, under the shower!

  5. Energise your Team

    Make your team feel valued before you start. Energy not indifference, will make the process come alive.

Calm the Space

“Calm energy stills the brain and allows people to be far more capable, in every sense of the word.”

Tense energy is not good. Stressful people will be longing for the next coffee break, looking for the reactive fuel of adrenalin. ‘Calm’ energy stills the brain and increases capability.

Clean & Cleanse

No distractions or clutter.

  • Colour and textures for interest
  • Lighting for mood
  • Sculptural forms and inviting textures to please the eye
  • On-site venue, theme the room

Light their Fire

Food, music and theming are investments.

It’s these small details, not a big spend, which will make the difference.

Bliss Style-beyond nurtured to spoilt

  • Sight – flowers to brighten
  • Taste – herbal teas/ freshly brewed coffee for a delicious welcome.
  • Sound – invite, relax and celebrate.
  • Touch – soft furnishings, strategically placed to provide warmth.
  • Smell – scented oils to aid ambience.

I hope you liked this summary and found it valuable, I went into more detail in the full article. Click on this link to view the whole article as a PDF.

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