How To Juggle Goals And Throw Them Into Your Business Plan

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. There’s lot of talk about goal setting out there. A lot of it is around work. Which is all good and dandy. BUT, what about the other areas of your life? They are ALL linked. If your work life is taking up too much, then your personal life can go down the gurgler. When completing your business plan, think of work and other goals!

So, yes, work goals aside. Most importantly is the ‘Other’ goals. As it’s the ‘other goals’ that will enhance the ‘Work’ goals and not the other way around. Let’s see what the ‘Other’ goal areas are ….

Wife, father, lover, mother, daughter, son, sister, brother, friend, health, fitness, personal development, finances, social, spiritual …..

That’s a lot of goal areas to fit into a 15 hour day – minus the 9 hours for sleeping! Or NOT

So, 7 ezi goal tips:

  • List your goals each day – ‘Work’ and ‘Other’
  • FIRST, decide what you can do in the ‘Other’ goals …..keeping your family, friends and loved ones happy – is key
  • Allocate 1 hour at the start of the day to the ‘Other’ goals
  • Then, you will be able to blitz through your ‘Work’ goals
  • Oh, a tip – tackle the BIG ‘Work’ goals 1st …… then go for the smaller goals ….. it’s quality, not quantity for the work stuff ….
  • STOP running around in circles with the small ‘Work’ goals. There is nothing so soul destroying, as ticking the boxes and pushing the paperwork around. Cos guess what, there will be more there tomorrow… but those BIG ‘Work’ goals-they are the stuff that makes the difference… that’s if you have got the backing of your family and friends. Check out the Dream Room Worksheet for your goals


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