The Business Plan Template Kit





The EZI-STRATPLAN really helped me to take a birds eye view of my business and gave me a clear vision for the future of my business. Eileen is great to work with and gave me some fantastic ideas. Thank You

Justin Meadows, Evergreen Profit








  • 9 x graphic worksheets (A3) to dump al tose thoughts, ideas, musings
  • 1 x 45  full coloured handbook, giving you step by step instructions
  • 1 x 25 full coloured workbook, to capture all the key points
  • 17 x motivational cards- to help us along
  • 1 sheet of full coloured sticklets – we all love stickies
  • Access to on-line resources to fill in your Analysis Room sheets
  • Access to 2 recorded webinars for the History Room and Dream Room of your business





Your Biz Rooms

Your strategic business plan template kit guides you through each room of your business. Use the worksheets and accompanying booklets to get all those ideas, thoughts and ‘light bulb moments’ out there and down on paper.After you have completed each sheet using the Decorators Handbook, use the workbook to record the key parts.

Now delve into the rooms of your business-let’s get creative and bring your strategic business plan template to life .




 Before you begin to plan for the future, you have to retrace your steps to see how you got to where you are now. It’s really important to acknowledge how far you have come in your business. This worksheet in the business plan template will help you do just that, with a walk down memory lane.



As with any renovation, an inventory is required for what needs to be updated, repaired or thrown out. So, are your style experts ready to review your external, internal and market rooms?



Let’s get specific about the objectives for your business plan template. To achieve your key renovation outcomes, your success will be dependent on key Decorative Details. Armed with your style team, let’s focus in on these details one-by-one.





My favourite room. Congratulations, you’ve completed a lot of thought-provoking work. Now is the time to take off, and allow yourself to dream lofty dreams!

So, now to the final touches on your business plan template. Let’s work out your strategic goals to achieve your vision. Be cool, don’t sweat. List your goals, and split them between short and long term.