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  • Eileen ticked all the boxes. She is insightful, creative, inspiring wise, connected, and knows her ‘stuff’.

I have recently engaged Eileen to help me work out a Strategic Plan for my business New Awakenings Pty Ltd. Eileen not only produced a very comprehensive black and white plan at the conclusion of workshop she also made the process simple and easy.

Her ezi-strat-plan process suited me very well as I’m a ‘right’ brain type of person – creative. However what I discovered is that I’m also literal in my approach to business … this was quite anaha moment for me.

I actually had a number of aha moments throughout the jam-packed time we spent together at the workshop.

The great benefit of working with Eileen is that she also offers ongoing coaching and mentoring to differing degrees in implementing the plan, starting with a phone follow up session.

For me as a customer, those small details are important and Eileen ticked all the boxes. She is insightful, creative, inspiring, wise, connected and knows her ‘stuff’.

I would highly recommend any entrepreneur or business owner to utilize Eileen’s skills and expertise.


Carol E Smith
CEO/Founding Director
New Awakenings Pty Ltd