Move over Mood Swings–Food-Think-Feel

Have you ever struggled with mood swings, unable to get to sleep, lacking energy, or just out of sorts? Chances are, you are not getting the optimum nutrition into your body. I have just been reading an amazing book called “Optimum Nutrition For The Mind” by Patrick Holford. This comprehensive book, based on scientific findings […]

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Recognize your history and gain a financial future

Having worked with various businesses along the way, I’ m excited at achieving great results ( /testimonials) with the implementation of the award- winning Ezi‐Strat Plan. It’ s a visual business tool that takes people through the 7 rooms of their business, choosing what needs to be updated, repaired or thrown out, similar to a […]

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The Ezi-Strat Plan Social Media Experiment

Remember when a computer could only be seen in a traveling truck covered in the command, ‘DON’T TOUCH, JUST LOOK’? The online movement grows, yet for many businesses the world of social media remains elusive. At Ezi-Strat Plan, we admit to struggling with an online presence. But now we are ready to tackle this human […]

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Team Ebola – Winston Churchill’s words. “Never give up, never give up, never give up”

Having worked in West Africa, experienced the SARS epidemic, collaborated with Infectious Disease medical experts and with a passion for Strategic Business Planning. The Global Ebola crisis hits a chord. My observations, insights and practice resonate that a Global team effort – identified by the WHO EXPERT BODY is a must. With an outbreak of […]

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Strategic Business Plan

Strategic Business Plan|Getting U back on Track

Lost the Plot? A Strategic Business Plan will get you back on track. I recently published an article in the Working Womens Magazine and shared 5 ezi steps to get U back on track.  Click on PDF link at the bottom of the page to read full article. REMEMBER those early days of your business […]

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How to bring staff along the ‘Strategy Journey’ – Transform your organisation In 5 Steps

So, you’ve got your Strategy Plan. Now What? That was the easy part. All organisations face challenges with adapting to the changing market dynamics. Innovation and customer orientation are critical. How do you get your team engaged fully with the customer at the centre? Transforming your organisation towards the ‘Dream’ identified in your strategy. Human […]

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What advice would you give your 20 year old self – pursue your dream at all costs or cut your loses and reduce the stress!

Each week 1,000’s of businesses start up brimming with passion, ready to turn their ‘Dream’ business into a profitable enterprise. Their passion is embedded in everything they do. What is the true cost of pursuing your ‘Dream’. If we were to put a price on your ‘Dream’ – what would that figure be? And even […]

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