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I am passionate about Strategy Planning.  I love working with business people to guide them through blockages. To deliver ‘light bulb moments’ that deliver financial rewards. To help businesses to grow. 

Here’s a glimpse of my story.

Adversity leads to Award Winning Creative Planning Kit-Regional Hero, Small Business Festival.

“Follow your dreams and welcome adversity. As-it is through the downs that you dig deep to uncover what you really want to do.”

I needed to re-focus on the future to move forward. In hindsight, I am so glad; I had that major hiccup, more like belch! Because it propelled me towards my vision. To take the fear out of strategy planning. To develop a creative planning tool that allows all team members to ‘get it’ . To take people through a strategic planning process that engages, unites and delivers financial results, whilst bringing colour to their business world.

New business supportI stared at the blank screen, a sinking feeling… oh no.. breathe. A technical problem with my computer had turned into my worst nightmare. Five years of my business data in cyberspace somewhere. Despite precautions, linking to 24/7 technical support and hard-drive back-up. Human error on the support side had lost my data… Gulp, Gulp, Breathe, Breathe, don’t lose the plot, I said to myself…

After wallowing for a few days, and back-forth back-forth, letters, email, phone calls, more wallowing. I saw a quote ‘Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen’ – Ralph Wado Emerson I connected, made sense to me; all my energy was focused on the past week events. I needed to re-focus on the future to move forward.

I decided there and then to put all my efforts into bringing to market a product that had been in the wings for 5 years! I decided to follow my passion, and get on track with the life I had dreamt off.

After twenty years and a thousand hours or experiencing strategic planning sessions of every description, my frustration at the sleep-inducing nature and the sheer cost of the strategic planning process compelled me to create an alternative.

“The majority of business managers are repelled by the dry corporate approach to the strategic planning process and often have to employ an expensive facilitator to have any chance of making it work. But it hardly ever does. My clients were crying out for a different way, and this is it.”

EZI-STRATPLAN® helps business owners and teams think outside the square. My goal-produce a strategic planning program that engages, delivers increased income, is easy to follow and fun.

Enjoy the creative energy of Eileen Conway

Eileen Conway

Right Brain Strategist | Marketer |Business Coach | Author

This strategic planning process is content-rich, intuitive and as Ezi as the name suggests.

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